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Powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web, text
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4 March 2008

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Have all your data collected and saved into a new file that too by aggregating, manipulating and even after mash-up of the data. You can get this done with the help of the Djuggler 1.0.2. It is a scripting tool that supports collecting the data from multiple sources such as text files, web pages, data grids, etc in the form of CSV or Microsoft Excel files. Get the data extracted and exported to the new data source such as Excel sheet. The program supports file parsing, mash-up, merging and cleansing data, automate file operations, etc. While forming the new data you can get all the content transferred without loosing any of it, for example text, images, tables, etc.

Djuggler 1.0.2 has the easy functioning that provides the user with a trouble free working experience. You get the action features on the left panel from where the selection for the WebPages, files, and perform other actions can be made. The middle right screen is the ‘Scripts’ display area and the ‘Variables and Sources’ are shown below the script area. When you make the selection, it is easy to have the view of the data, for example you can have the preview of the table present in the file. For the web page you can view the content and see the preview of the source and even find the text. Make the selection of the script and get the file opened by browsing. You can have the data collected from Google; if you conduct any kind of search the results can be saved. The script is displayed, and likewise after making the selection you get the list prepared of the variables and sources. Select the properties for standard and optional variables. After all the processes has been completed all the data can be complied and saved as new file. It provides you with different features for performing the function.

Djuggler 1.0.2 can merge data from various sources into one file with much ease maintaining all the required aspects. Rated with 4 points the software effectively performs different functions like parsing, saving content, merge and much more.

Publisher's description

Aggregate, manipulate, and mashup data in one simple tool.
Djuggler (short for data juggler) is a hands-on visual scripting tool to mashup and collect data from multiple sources like web pages, text files, data grids as Microsoft Excel or CSV files. When the data has been collected or extracted it can be manipulated and saved to a new data source like Excel.
Djuggler can be used for automating tasks like mashup, file parsing, merging data from the web.
Application examples: aggregated price search from multiple web sources, automate the cleansing of data, saving all pictures on a web page, collecting data from master & detail pages, extracting data from sequentially numbered web pages, parse XML, text or log files, automate file operations, etc.
The simple but extremely powerful script designer has many functions like loops, if then else conditions, get text between from html source, get html table, get pictures, strip HTML, web macro's, read and save Excel and many more.
The designer has many build in functions for debugging scripts like a Step function, debug Run, view values of variables, Grid and Web browser viewer, etc.
- Simple interface with very powerful actions.
- One executable, no additional Windows components are needed.
- Many build-in actions.
- Debug functions.
- Save Djuggler scripts as stand-alone executables for distribution.
- Demo scripts are included in the setup.
The full version of Djuggler can be used for non commercial applications without any costs. For commercial use the software needs to be registered.
Version 1.0.2
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